Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland


Tree: YOUNG, Richard Perry
Latitude: 47.3343008333333, Longitude: 9.40236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDER, Barbel  7 Oct 1614Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13048
2 ALDER, Bartholome  Abt 1579Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13162
3 ALDER, Elsbeth  Abt 1584Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I7206
4 ALDER, Mrs. Hans  Abt 1550Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13151
5 ALDER, Hans  Abt 1606Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13147
6 ALDER, Jakob  Abt 1581Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13163
7 ALDER, Joerg  13 Nov 1610Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13150
8 ALDER, Kaspar  Abt 1580Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13109
9 ALDER, Kaspar  9 Apr 1607Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13148
10 ALDER, Katharina  Abt 1577Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13161
11 ALDER, Maria  Abt 1550Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I23090
12 ALDER, Niklaus  Abt 1573Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13160
13 ALDER, Verena  26 Jun 1585Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13165
14 EICHHOLZER, Dorothe  Abt 1790Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I4392
15 ETTER, Anna  7 Sep 1604Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I8196
16 HIMMELI, Sara  Abt 1610Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13154
17 MEYER, Anna  Abt 1582Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13168
18 MURER, Maria  Abt 1584Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13170
19 NAEF, Jogli Jacob  Abt 1568Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I2082
20 NAEF, Ulrich  Abt 1562Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I1039
21 RAMSAUER, Clepha  Abt 1560Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18782
22 ROHNER, Hans Walther  Abt 1580Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13171
23 SCHIESS, Barbara  9 Jun 1680Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18881
24 SCHOCH, Rudolf  Abt 1570Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I21108
25 SCHUESS, Barbara  Abt 1599Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I4847
26 TANNER, Hans Jacob  Abt 1605Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13155
27 TRIBELHORN, Agatha  Abt 1571Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18780
28 TRIBELHORN, Anna  Abt 1562Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13112
29 TRIBELHORN, Katharina  Abt 1562Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18779
30 TRIBELHORN, Peter  Abt 1558Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18778
31 ZUBERBUEHLER, Anna  4 Nov 1585Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18771
32 ZUBERBUEHLER, Barbel  Abt 1588Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13110
33 ZUBERBUEHLER, Elsbeth  Abt 1592Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18772
34 ZUBERBUEHLER, Katharina  Abt 1591Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18770
35 ZUBERBUEHLER, Mathias  Abt 1532Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALDER, Andreas  31 Oct 1608Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13149
2 ALDER, Joerg  13 Nov 1610Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13150
3 ALDER, Kaspar  9 Apr 1607Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13148
4 ZUBERBUEHLER, Anna  14 Nov 1585Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18771
5 ZUBERBUEHLER, Barbel  19 Jan 1588Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13110
6 ZUBERBUEHLER, Elsbeth  27 Jun 1592Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18772
7 ZUBERBUEHLER, Hans  Abt 1560Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I13111
8 ZUBERBUEHLER, Katharina  3 Aug 1591Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ZUBERBUEHLER, Anna  1611Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland I18771


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALDER / ALDER  Abt 1572Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5524
2 ALDER / LUTZ  30 Jul 1598Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5544
3 ALDER / MESMER  12 Feb 1604Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5547
4 ALDER / MEYER  17 Nov 1607Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5546
5 ALDER / MURER  31 May 1608Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5548
6 GMUENDER / ZUBERBUEHLER  30 Oct 1608Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F7912
7 ROHNER / ALDER  19 Apr 1612Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5549
8 SCHACHTLER / SCHUESS  29 Apr 1627Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F602
9 SCHOCH / ZUBERBUEHLER  24 Oct 1593Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F9019
10 TANNER / ALDER  10 May 1629Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5542
11 TRADT / ALDER  28 Aug 1625Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F9511
12 ZUBERBUEHLER / BREYSIG  1581Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F7684
13 ZUBERBUEHLER / TRIBELHORN  17 Nov 1583Herisau, Appenzell, Switzerland F5523