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md. 1 Nov 1770, Jerusha/Sherman *

!SOURCE:  NEHG Register, Vol. 110, page 68.

Daniel graduated at Yale in July 1709.
6 Children

!BIRTH:  Source - Jacobus nad Waterman, "Hale, House and Related Families"
page 485.

!MARRIAGES:  Source - same as birth.

!DEATH:  Source - same as birth, age 57.
SOURCE - Schroeder, John Frederick, "Memoirs of Mary Anna Whiting Boardman"
page 418.

A graduate of Yale College 1709.  He was a minister at New Milford 1712-1744
and the most noted of his Surname in that generation. 
BOARDMAN, Daniel Reverend (I3641)
5052 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b

Vernon R. Nickerson, in Pilgrims and Indians, says "As her parentage cannot be established, she may have been a widow."

!BAPTISM; ENDOWED: IGI, dates found doing TEMPLE READY February 1999.
!RELATIONSHIP: H. Reed Black is not related.
!ORDINANCES: Jordan River Temple Index Card Id # 47428117

!AF-Hannah FREEMAN b. abt 1656 Eastham, Barnstable, MA, d. 15 Feb 1743/44 Harwich, Barnstable, MA, md. 14 apr 1681 Hingham, Plymouth, MA John MAYO; d/o Major John FREEMAN/Mary Mercy PRENCE.

!Stephen Hopkins-Mayflower Families Thru 5 Gene. Vol 6 pg. 96-Mercy Mayo desc. of Pilgrim William Brester.  The will of Hannah Mayo of Harwich, widow of John Mayo dated 15 Jan 1740, mentioned dau. Mercy Hopins.

! ! - b. MA Bay Colony;

!PRF CD #10 -Hannah FREEMAN b. abt 1664 ,, MA, d. 15 Feb 1743, md. 14 Apr 1681 Hingham, Plymouth, MA to John MAYO. 
FREEMAN, Hannah (I1171)
5053 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b

Wing Register calls her "Rebecca Vickerie."

Surname on AF 1FT6-LR6 is Rebecca Freeman Vickery could have been married to a Mr Vickery.  Maiden name was Freeman
!PRF CD #10

John/Wing 24Jul1723

"Foster Genealogy" p. 536.  Phebe Wing, first wife of Nathaniel Foster, was born 20 Jan 1726, dau of John Wing and his third wife, Rebecca (Vickery) Wing of Brewster.  Wing's property was on Crane's Neck Road.  Nathaniel's second wife was probably a daughter of Ephraim and Charity Knowlton. 
FREEMAN, Rebecca Vickerie (I4163)
5054 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!BIRTH-ORD-MAR: TIB GS 1262930-1267421-1267422; IGI; Vit Rec, Woburn, Middlesex, MA, GS 974.44/W3V2j-BYU PS 215; md, 2 Jun 1725, Ebenezer Flagg; Family Records: Howard E. Hardy, 3201 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Phoebe H. Stringham, 1917 E 3780 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Ivy L. Watson Larsen, 1739 S 400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84115; Veoma M. Stahle, 433 N 1120 E, Orem, UT 84057. 
KNIGHT, Hannah (I540)
5055 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!BIRTH-ORD-MAR: TIB GS 1262930-1267421-1267422; IGI; Vit Rec, Woburn, Middlesex, MA, GS 974.44/W3V2j-BYU PS 215; md, 31 Jan 1733, Sarah Richardsen; Family Records: Howard E. Hardy, 3201 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Phoebe H. Stringham, 1917 E 3780 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Ivy L. Watson Larsen, 1739 S 400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84115; Veoma M. Stahle, 433 N 1120 E, Orem, UT 84057. 
KNIGHT, Joseph (I538)
5056 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!BIRTH-ORD: TIB GS 1262930-1267421-1267422; IGI; Vit Rec, Woburn, Middlesex, MA, GS 974.44/W3V2j-BYU PS 215; Family Records: Howard E. Hardy, 3201 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Phoebe H. Stringham, 1917 E 3780 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; Ivy L. Watson Larsen, 1739 S 400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84115; Veoma M. Stahle, 433 N 1120 E, Orem, UT 84057. 
KNIGHT, Martha (I533)
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!BIRTH: Eggedal parish records FHL film 124188 book 1 p128 under 1774 births. 
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!Mar: 1 Mar 1820 Franklin Manor Cumberland Nova Scotia SS: 7 May 1988 Seattle
HARDENBROOK, Catherine (I2278)
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!CHR: Record shows Bapt instead of born New England Historical & Genealogical Register (NEH&GR) US & Can 974 B2ne  July 1944; pg. 222

!ORDINANCE: Stamped Copy of Temple Records 
TIPPETS, Elizabeth Twin (I1299)
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!CHR: Record shows Bapt instead of born New England Historical & Genealogical Register (NEH&GR) US & Can 974 B2ne  July 1944; pg. 222

!ORDINANCE: Stamped Copy of Temple Records 
TIPPETS, Anne (I1295)
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!CHRISTENING: NEHGS Reg xxiv, 1872, p 69-70, probably in Harwich, MA.

!DEATH: NEHGS Reg xxiv, 1872, p 69-70, in her 35th year.

!MARRIAGE: NEHGS Reg xxiv, 1872, p 69-70. Married WINSLOW, Edward, Jr, of Rochester, MA, 14 Dec 1728. Hannah married her cousin, the son of her uncle, Maj. Edward WINSLOW, of Rochester, MA. (Her husband, Edward Winslow, Jr., and her brother's wife, Mehitable, were brother & sister.)

!BIRTH: AF lists as 1713

WINSLOW, Hannah (I1335)
5062 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
CLAPP, Ebenezer (I3332)
5063 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!out of book "Walkers of Blakesburg"
she died a widow in 1730 
PRICE, Sarah (I3294)
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!SOURCE: Automated Archives Pedigree Disk #1.

!BIRTH:  Source - Barbour: "Vital Records of New Milford, Conn.,"  page 15

!BAPTISM:  Source - same as birth.

!MARRIAGE:  Source - 1st Marriage, NEHG Register, Vol 110, page 68.

!DEATH:  Source - same as birth age 25. 
SHERMAN, Jerusha (I4576)
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FREEMAN, Priscilla (I4720)
5066 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!Source:  Shirley Hopper Russell research. Bangs Genealogy Cutter Genealogy 1909 (?) Md 1735 Bertha Wing. 
BANGS, James (I4202)
5067 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
!Thomas Rogers Family-Mayflower Families-pg. 174, 222-liv. Harwich 29 Aug 1739 (acknowledged his signature).  No land or probate rec. was found in Barnstable Co., nor in Putnam Co., NY to indicate he moved there, though it seems likely he left Harwich. 
ROGERS, John Jr. (I1952)
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"The circumstances of his death were painful. His last days were clouded by lunacy; and in his wanderings he perished by exposure to cold in the low grounds south of the Harwich Academy, which is known from this casualty as Weekes' Hollow." 
WEEKES, Reverend George (I3271)
5069 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
1- 974.497/N1 V2n vol. 5 page 373 vol. 3 page 142 Vital Records of Nantucket 2- Woburn Records of Births and Marriages    Worchester's Hist. Hollis, Mass. W.466 Woburn, Mass. V.R.   Mass W20b. A6B33  Savages N.H.C7a N.H.C7b F N p H Pt. 236 red 3663 page 290-294 The printed vital records of Massachusetts say that Hannah Knight married Ebenezer Flag, college graduate, school teacher, and minister, a first cousin of our ancestor, Eleazer Flagg.  We believe this is a mistake. Hannah Knight was married 2 Jun 1725.  On 21 Oct 1726, our Eleazer Flagg and wife Hannah had a daughter and afterward about every two years another child, thirteen in all. But Ebenedzer had no children till several years later after marrying another woman, without any record of a wife dying or being divorced. At that time the minister was the most prominent man in town.  We think surely the minister would have recorded his wife's death or divorce if it were so.
!Family records. 
FLAGG, Eleazer (I539)
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23 Nov 1738 Lucy/Russell
29 Dec 1747 Thankful/Griffin
GOODENOW, Moses (I3079)
5071 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
A6C17 P. 181, Hall Family Methuen Vital Records 
HALL, Caleb (I3309)
5072 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Ancestral File Number: 42ZM-M5 
WRIGHT, Mabel (I5836)
5073 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Born at Sandwich (probably, Sinnott says), removed with his parents to Yarmouth. On March 1, 1676/77, with his father, John Dillingham, and others, he purchased land from the Indians "lying in Saquetucket in the liberties or constable wick or Yarmouth . . ."
During King Philip's War (1675-76), John Wing and his two eldest sons Joseph and Ananias were taxed to support troops in the field. Joseph's rate was L2.16.5.
Yarmouth records, according to Sinnott, give Joseph's burial as May 31, 1679.

!BIRTH: THE BUTLER-MCGRAW GENEALOGY; by Dorothy McGraw Bogue; FHL SLC, LCN 929.273,; p30; research date-5 Apr 1996 
WING, Joseph (I3436)
5074 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Buried at Winslow Yard, East Dennis, 
WINSLOW, Colonel Thomas (I1333)
5075 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Children of Capt. WINSLOW and Hannah WINSLOW are:

i. Edward Winslow, born January 03, 1729 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

ii. Clark Winslow, born August 08, 1731 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

iii. Sarah WINSLOW, born March 19, 1733 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA; died August 20, 1775 in Plymouth Co., MA; married Seth POPE March 15, 1752 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

iv. Isaac Winslow, born April 19, 1735 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

v. Enoch Winslow, born October 06, 1735 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

vi. Ezra Winslow, born November 1742 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA; died June 1743 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

vii. Bethia Winslow, born August 22, 1744 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.
WINSLOW, Edward Captain (I3333)
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DEATH: Shortly after her wedding.

Wing Register calls her "Achsah Winslow (probably a widow of Joseph Winslow, of Harwich)." 
Achsah (I1962)
5077 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Given name could be Kenelen
!CHILD-PARENT: HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF SUNDERLAND,MASSACHUSETTS, 1673-1899,WHICH ORIGINALLY EMBRACED WITHIN ITS LIMITS THE PRESENT TOWNS OF MONTAGUE AND LEVERETT: John Montague Smith, with genealogies by Henry W. Taft and Abbie T. Montague; approximately 1620-1899; E.A. Hall Co., Greenfield, Mass., 1899; pp 579;FHL film 0886461;

\\in the Second Church\\

!Stephen Hopkins-Mayflower Famlies Thru 5 Gene. Vol. 6 pg. 92-1st w/o Kenelm Winslow.  2nd wife of Joseph Hawes; b. ca. 1672 d. Harwich 8 or 9 Sep 1745 (t.s.) in 73rd yr.

!Mayflower Desc. 1910, p 34.
Winslow Memorial Vol 1 p 81.
Hall Gen. by David Hall p 214.
Hist Cape Cod Vol 1 p 639.
Archive Copy by Huberta F. Robison, 1806-A Bonita, Berkeley, California.

ubLife Sketch/u/b

Kenelsi" (Jfenelm? Kenelm1), b. about 1667, inherited the homestead in Harwich (now Brewster). He was a clothier,or cloth dresser; and the business which he established at Setucket, or Winslow's Mills, was prosperously conducted both by himself and his posterity. He was selectman three years, town treasurer five years, and representative in 1720. In consequence of the imperfection of records, his domestic relations have heretofore beeu involved in obscurity; his wife has been supposed to be the second wife of his father, and his paternity to his large family of children has not generally been recognized. Fortunately, he executed a will, 22 Jan., 1728-9, in which his legitimate claim to both wife and children is fully established. He m. 5 Jan., 1689-90, Bethia Hall, and d. 20 March, 1728\emdash 9. in the 62d year of his age; his widow was published, 19 March, 1729-30, to Mr. Joseph Hawes, of Yarmouth. The births of Mr. Winslow's children are not found on record; but the dates are estimated partly from the order in which the names are mentioned in the father's will, and partly from inscriptions on head-stones in the "Winslow bnrying-ground." His children were :\emdash

i. Bethia, b. about 1691; m. 5 March, 1713-13, John Wing, and d. 19 Juno

1720, aged 29.

ii. Mercy, b. about 1693; m. 8 Maxell, 1710-11, Philip Vincent. iii. Rebecca, b. about 1695; m. 21 March, 1719-20, Samuel Eider; resided

in Yarmouth, afterwards in Rochester, iv. Thankful, b. about 1697; m. 4 Feb., 1722-3, Theophilus Crosby, of

Yarmouth. v. Kenelm, b. about 1700; a clothier; resided in Harwich (Brewster) ; m.

14 Sept., 1722, Zerviah Rider, by whom he had thirteen children; she d.

5 April, 1745, aged 41, and he in. 8 May, 1746, Mrs. Abigail Sturgis,

of Yarmouth, who d. 17 Sept., 1783, aged 76. Mr. Winslow was

selectman three jrears; also a justice of the peace and of the quorum.

He d. 28 June, 1783, m the 83d year of his age.

vi. Thomas, b. about 1704; resided in Harwich (Brcwster); m. 12 Feb., 1722-3, Mehetabel, dau. of hU uncle, Maj. Edward Winslow, of Rochester, by whom he had twelve children, nine of whom died, aged less _than one year, and their head-stonea stand in a Bad row in the " Wins'low burying-ground." He was a selectman, a colonel, and judge of the Court of Common Pleas. He d. 10 April, 1779, in the 75tb year of his age; his wife survived him.

vji. Mart, b. about 1707; m. 9 March, 1726-7, Ebenezer Clapp, of Rochester.

viii. Hannah, bap. 9 Sept., 1711; m. 14 Dec., 1728, Edward Winslow, Jr., eon of her uncle Maj. Edward Winslow, of Rochester, and d. 25 Sept., 1745, in the 35th year of her age.

ix. Skth, b. 1715; resided in Harwich (Brewster), and m. 15 Jan., 1735-6, Thankful Sears, who d. 7 March, 1736-7, aged 18. He was published 11 March, 1737-8, to Priscilla Freeman, who d. 11 Feb., 1776, aged 60. He d. 12 Aug., 1754, aged 39 years, 5 months and 8 days, having had six children; three daughters survived him.

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register and ..., Volume 26

   --- on FamilySearch  27 July 2016 
WINSLOW, Kenelm (I1326)
5078 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Given name could be spelled--Theopyllis, Theophilus

!MARRIAGE: Mayflower Descendant, vol  ,    , p 159. Married WINSLOW, Thankful, Harwich, MA, 14 Feb 1722/1723, by Rev. Nathaniel Stone. They had children.

CROSBY, Theophilus (I3328)
5079 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
I monitor the overnight downloads on any mention of the TUFTS family and happened across yours this morning on:ID: I943  Name: Lydia TUFTS  Marriage 1 James PERRY b: 27 DEC 1711/1712 in Cambridge,Middlesex,MA Married: 19 OCT 1742. I'd like to fill in some blanks for you...from the not yet published "Tufts Kinsmen" book, by Herbert Freeman Adams:  Lydia Tufts, d/o James & Lydia (Hall) Tufts, b 24 Feb 1724, Medford, MA, d 4 Nov 1799,Menotomy [Arlington], MA, m1 14 Oct 1742, Charlestown, MA to James Perry, chairmaker, s/o John & Mercy [Swan] Perry, b 27 Jan 1711/12 Cambridge, MA, d 29 May 1771, Menotomy [Arlington], MA. They had 10 children: Lydia, b 19 June 1743 [ALL children b Menotomy]; Ruth, 24 Oct 1745; Mercy, 17 Jan 1748; James 1 May 1750; Ruth, 10 Oct 1752; John 9 Dec 1754; Jonathan 4 Nov 1757; Elizabeth, baptized 22 Apr 1759; Joseph 8 Aug 1763; Benjamin 30 June 1768. ALL of the above dates/locations verified by the Vital Records of the towns mentioned. After James' death, Lydia m2 Josiah Mixer - no issue Back to notes on the children: 1)Lydia d 19 Oct 1743 m Ephraim Frost; 2( Ruth, d 8 Jan 1750; 3)Nerct d 31 July 1838, m William Hill; 4) James Jr. d 12 Sept 1779 m Sarah Adams; 5) Ruth d 12 July 1776 m John Adams; 6) John d 7 Aug 1834, m1 Persis Mixer m2 Abigail Bigelow; 7) Jonathan d 20 Aug 1824 m Betty Hill 10) Benjamin m Deborah Cook. Sandi Bellefeuille, assistant to H.F.Adams,author of "Tufts Kinsmen" 
TUFTS, Lydia (I3296)
5080 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Source:"History of Lexington, Massachusetts" by Hudson. 
RUSSELL, Lucy (I240)
5081 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Is this lady from the same family as Helen Hall's husband, long-time New England people?  The daughter of Rev. Gershom Hall, she married into the Winslow family and had 14 children.  One of these, daughter Thankful, married into the Crosby family, and then through the female line into my Corning family, my great-grandmother, my Aunt Jo's beloved Grandma Corning, was Bethia's 3rd great-granddaughter.  I am sorry I have no information as to where the Halls originated, other than the American Yarmouth in Mass.

1  NAME /Winslow/
1  NAME /Hawes/

!Savage Compendium First Settlers of N.E. 
HALL, Bethia (I1327)
5082 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Information from Descendents of John Perry of London, p. 8 
PERRY, James (I1258)
5083 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Married Lelia Hicks 27 Jan 1829. Date listed in IGI AS 7 JAN 1820 
ATKINSON, John Amos (I159)
5084 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Nancy Sarah Atkinson's husband was Edward Sampson Oulton. They were married on 12 Oct 1837. Edward outlived Nancy and was her only husband. They had 13 children together. 
ATKINSON, Nancy Sarah (I167)
5085 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
Source: Belden Ancestry 1066-1971 p 41 IGI 
BELDEN, Hannah (I5370)
5086 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 23, p.58. 
WING, Rebecca (I3046)
5087 ubNotes from other researchers:/u/b
This Ephraim Wing "drowned in the snow". 
WING, Ephraim (I1566)
5088 ubThe Last Will and Testament/u/b

The will of William Skidmore was dated Jan 9 1664 and proved May 25, 1664. He left to his wife Joyce and after her death, equally to his 4 children, a life's interest in several leaseholds granted to him , together with bonds owing him from a Richard Bryndley of Staffordshire and all his chattels.
The total of his estate was 78 pounds ,8 shillings.
--- on FamilySearch 17 Dec 2016 
SKIDMORE, William (I11575)

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