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Please look around and enjoy our family history site. Hopefully we can be of help to you, and perhaps you can share something with us, so the whole family can increase in knowing each other. Please let us know of any suggestions, concerns, additions, corrections, etc. you might have in regard to our site.

Richardís ancestors are Scottish, Swedish, English, and Swiss. Each of his grandparents descend from different countries. Many in each line were early converts to the LDS church, and were pioneers crossing the ocean and the Great Plains to settle in Utah in the 19th century.

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Laurelís ancestors are Norwegian, Scottish, Danish, and English. Laurelís ancestors were also early converts to the LDS church, and were included in the pioneers who settled Utah in the 1800ís.

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We need your contributions of any of the following to share with all on the site: Pictures, historical sketches, obituaries, birth certificates, marriage licenses, headstone photos, and sources to help prove the accuracy of the information.

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